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Bonjour!  Bienvenue a notre unite Francaise!  Kylie a un grand temps a manger et compter baguettes et je l'ai aime tout le arcitecture!
Hello!  Welcome to our France unit!  Kylie had a great time eating and counting baguettes and I loved all of the architecture pictures!

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I should start by saying that I grew up in New Hampshire and started taking French lessons in the 6th grade so I have been very excited to do this unit!  I also love the idea of bilingual children, so I began teaching Kylie French when she was 2 year old.
We played "which one of these doesn't belong" again during our wake up, warm up language block.  This card was particularly troublesome for Kylie because she thought the vulture was a duck and the flower was a violet!
 We also played a fill in the blank alphabet game on a Fleur De Lis card.
This little lady blows me away everyday!  For this wake up, warm up activity, I asked Kylie to place these shape cards in order from least amount of corners to most amount of corners.  I went to get a cup of coffee and I came back to this!
This week, we met Ubert, Vivienne, and Wesley on the letter sound train.
U is for unicorn!  We can't wait to start the uppercase letter crafts!

Our math activities this week focused on recognizing more than/less than patterns and number placement.  
Being active is so important for little (and big) ones!  One of our gross motor games for the France unit was a baguette dash.  Kylie pretended she had just picked up a fresh, hot baguette from a bakery in Paris and needed to race home to share it while it was still hot!
All of that exercise really works up an appetite!  We kicked our snack time up a notch with baked brie and the baguette we just raced with.  Yum!
"If I put two V's together, I can make W," Kylie announced while doing this handwriting sheet
Voila!  Notre lecon de Francais est terminee.  I hope you enjoyed our lesson in France as much we did!  Check back next week as we wrap up our first semester in Norway!


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