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Holy cow!  We just wrapped up week 16 of our 30 week Age 4 Complete Year Program.  Where has the time gone?!?!?  It seems like just yesterday we started our America unit.  Forest Life is week 4 in our second semester where we explore different environments around the world.  Check out some pictures from our week!
The theme board for this week was so great!  Kylie knew all of the animals except for the lynx and the cardinal.
Some highlights from our wake up, warm up activities were skip counting to 100 and handwriting.
We built _ip and _it words and added another piece to our Legend Of The Lost Words puzzle.  Almost done!
 The woodpecker threw Kylie for a loop on this worksheet.  Can you tell she's a city kid???
 This was an encouragement elves week!  Who did you give your clothespin magnets to?  Day 3 gave us this super fun count and stack worksheet.  Canada actually stopped making pennies 5 years ago, so we used the next best thing that starts with a P- popcorn kernels!
Toronto has 100 public libraries!  Our local branch is the fourth smallest (good things come in small packages!) but the inter library loan program is AMAZING! Kylie couldn't wait to get home and read this beautiful book, Owl Moon, so she plopped herself down on the bench outside!
This week gave us a bonus book and a sequencing activity!
Our science block gave us this super fun matching game with animals from our theme board!
And finally, we added another page to our science notebook highlighting where in the world are forests.
This week was loads of fun! If anyone has Netflix, I highly recommend checking out the Hidden Kingdoms documentary series!  Episode 2 "Secret Forests" would make a supplement to this unit!

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