Preschool Homeschool Fish Unit

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  • Preschool Homeschool Fish Unit
We've made it to week 22- fish!  Keep scrolling to see highlights from this unit.

I like to start each week out by saying, "Happy ___ week" when the kids come out of their room on Monday morning.  Ah!  I wish I could have bottled their excitement when I said fish!
I like to think of this snack as a homeschool win.  Why?  Because (aside from prepping the celery) your little one can do it all on their own!  They can get their plate and a butter knife, the celery and (un) nut butter from the fridge, and the fish crackers from the pantry.  Toss in the fine motor skills of just putting a dab of your spread of choice at the end of the celery and then "fishing" for fish. Yay for practical life skills!
I can't get enough of these coloring pages!!!
It took a little for Porter to warm up to the letter crafts, but I think the guided coloring pages have really helped him with the pictorial directions.
A fish week isn't complete without letter F handwriting practice!
I had a teacher mom breakthrough this week.  Porter has no interest in writing numbers.  I've used tiles and pom poms to help him express himself mathematically in the past, but he is really likes writing.  Then the light bulb went off with this worksheet- tally marks!
Did anyone else love the suggested read aloud book Rainbow Fish as much as we did?  Porter insisted that his rainbow fish had to "sleep" inside the Rainbow Fish book all week!
Get moving with this fun math game!  Call out a number and have your little one find it and feed it to the shark.

We had such a good time learning all about fish this week!  Find out more about our full year curriculum for children between 2 and 3 years old by checking out our website.


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