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Happy Easter week dear readers!  Our Easter lesson, geared to preschoolers age 2 to 4, is filled with over 200 pages of fun!  Here are some highlights from our week.
Our Easter shelf has been up for just over a week and I think I have read the kids It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown about 500 times.  I don't know what it is, but my kids LOVE the whole Peanuts gang.
It is a little upside down, but I think Porter got the idea ;) This activity is available to print with colour coded eggs (like above) or in black and white for a bit more of a challenge for your little learners.
The Duck and Goose book series are very popular in our house!
I like to think of this as a warm up for the "big show" when we decorate eggs on Saturday night!
 One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that the program can be adapted to fit the individual student. This worksheet was made for cutting practice, but Porter didn't want to even look at scissors that day.  So what's a teacher mom to do?  Turn it in to a tracing exercise!  #homeschoolperks
Speaking of my new found love for handiwork, Porter loved this lacing card!
"Egg math!" Porter, 2 1/2 years old.
Looks like Peter Cottontail is taking more of an "as the crow flies" approach to getting to his egg!
During Porter's art block, we made carrots.   

Now lets take a peek at the 4 year old Easter unit!
Kylie has loved playing memory games for a few years now and this did not disappoint!
Kylie was very excited for all of the color by code worksheets this week!
While we are talking about codes, this secret message page was so much fun!  Kylie has never done anything like this before but caught on after 2 letters!
Plastic eggs are such a wonderful teaching tool!  Here is our spin and say CVC egg.  We also made rhyming, blends, and compound word eggs this week.
"Lower case e's are my favorite letter to write" -Kylie
New favorite activity!  And it only took me about an hour to find my own set of tangrams that my are about 20 years old after she asked to do more.
She's pretty solid with addition, but we are still working on subtraction.  #slowandsteady

Hop (I'm sorry, I can't resist a good bunny joke during the Easter season!) on over to our website to learn more about full year programs and to grab this special seasonal unit.

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