Preschool Homeschool Circles Unit

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  • Preschool Homeschool Circle Unit

Porter and I started the second semester of our 46 week preschool homeschool curriculum for 2-3 year olds.  We will be learning about shapes for the next 9 weeks!  This week was devoted to circles.  Check out some highlights from our week!
Out theme board this week was filled with lots of colorful examples of circles we see every day.

Circle sorting!

What do you do with the coloring pages?  Do you add them to your theme board or do you staple them together and make a book?  
Porter is making great progress with his cutting skills!
We added a few new pages to out math notebook this week.
Can you really call it a circle week if you don't practice writing C's?

Our letter sound tub work this week focused on the letters E and N.
A new week always brings us new play-doh mats!
I get a lot of emails from people concerned about the price related to the option Montessori activities.  Porter and I hacked the inset circle activity with a biscuit cutter!
 Porter had a great time doing the circle week and is looking forward to 8 more fun filled shape weeks!  Check out our website to find out more information on our preschool homeschool program for 2-3 year olds.  See you next week when we learn about squares!

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