No More Condemnation Busy Moms! Grace Frees and Heals

About a year ago I stumbled upon Joseph Prince's televised program "Destined to Reign", where he broadcasts his sermons, recorded live at New Creation Church in Singapore. On the surface, the detailed analyses of the Word (on the message of Grace and the beauty and love of Jesus) combined with a sense of humor and sharp intellect make Joseph's messages appealing. 

But at a deeper level, the freeing feeling that I get after listening to his messages is what keeps me coming back day after day. Home CEOs, busy moms, career moms - listen.  You are dying to hear this freeing message of grace! To often we are way too legalistic in our thinking, which leads to condemnation, depression in our spirits and even death in our cell bodies via stress!  Being legalistic involves things we say to ourselves (or hear in our minds) that what we are doing is not "good enough"(I didn't get everything on this list done, if I didn't get a homemade dinner on the table tonight, I don't spend enough time with my kids, I don't keep a clean enough house, I'm not an attentive friend, etc, etc, etc). 

 Although I'd been watching the broadcast for some time, it wasn't until recently that I ordered (and inhaled) the book, Destined to Reign.  Since then, I've felt this huge burden of guilt and condemnation over having the perfect household leave me. I've been freed from perfectionism and I've felt this lightness of spirit.  And on top of being less stressed, somehow I'm actually getting more done!  It's almost as if time has been warped and all the things I used to do tending to my home are just getting done effortlessly.  I'm even getting to some "detail" projects that I hadn't been able to get to in a while and even my husband has noticed a more peaceful vibe. 

If you are like me (or were like me!) and notice how choking, oppressive legalistic thoughts are bringing you down on a daily basis, do yourself one of the biggest favors to yourself this year and get a hold of Joseph Prince's messages. You can listen on YouTube, download them to a mobile device or simply watch the TV broadcast. Here is a listing of US broadcast channels. In addition to recording Joseph's message on my TV, I download his podcasts on my mobile devices and this comes in very handy while working around the house.  Yesterday I had his podcast up on my iPad while I was ironing with little Lexi napping nearby and my chocolate lab Sierra curled up at my feet. It was such a cozy scene!  And I might add that I don't even like ironing but listening to the podcasts while ironing made it so enjoyable.  I was even bummed when I had to stop to tend to other things. 

One thing that Joseph does that I appreciate is his spontaneous singing at the end of some of his messages.  The uninhibited worship and connection with the spirit is very sweet, humble and inspiring - something you just don't see in our often ego-driven, emotionally-guarded society.  The singing isn't shown on the TV show much, but it was shown in the service that he gave in the US at Lakewood Church in 2011 - a spontaneous song he sang made 5000 people in attendance cry.  It was very moving and touching. Enjoy Home CEOs - I guarantee you will!

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