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Moms, moms, moms...especially new moms, as I once was....you must have a great swaddle blanket in your arsenal of sleep-inducing tools for your baby wind-down and sleep routine! 

I have tried many, many swaddle blankets. This one works wonders because the design makes it easy for beginner swaddlers to get a very tight swaddle. I pin both my baby's arms down with the first layer as well as the second (you'll see when you do it - study and follow the directions it comes with). 

Of note is that it is a rather warm swaddle so I undress my baby down to the diaper and then swaddle her in this before bedtime and naps and this is basically what she sleeps in and she loves it. You can also leave her legs out to make it cooler. 

Swaddling baby becomes part of the wind down process and another sleep association for your baby's brain to "get the message" and flip the calming / sleep switch. A great thing about swaddles too, is that if your little one tends to swat her pacifier out of her mouth with her hands, pulls your hair, or gets her little hands in the way while bottle feeding, this swaddle prevents all that and makes for a very smooth wind down and nap / sleep process. Highly recommend.

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