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How to Mop Your Floor By Hand

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Now that my little nine month old is crawling, I decided I wanted to hand mop the floors to make them cleaner for little wandering hands.  Hand mopping is the best way to get all grime off and make them positively shine.  Also, it is not hard at all - you can do one room at a time, one day at at time and the method actually makes it easier on your back and the tools I use make grime come off easier.  

Home CEO's No-Condemnation Cleaning Disclaimer:  Being a healthy Home CEO is all about no-condemnation cleaning.  Do what you can, when you can, to the best of your ability.  It's not a race.  No one's judging.  


Here's how to mop your floors by hand.  

1) Get a Proper Bucket.  If you don't have a nice clean bucket, go out and buy a new one or thoroughly clean one out that you already have.  The important thing is to then designate this bucket as your official, from-here-on-out floor cleaning bucket that you will always have handy when you need it.  That way it doesn't get used for other things and end up getting contaminated by other cleaning products.  The bucket I use and would highly recommend is one with two compartments (see picture below) that is also small and easy to port around (remember, you may be doing only one room at a time, busy Home CEO).  One compartment will hold your cleaning solution and the other compartment is dry to hold your drying towels.  Here's the one I use
2) Make Your Solution.  I use a small bucket (Home CEO's no-condemnation-cleaning = small areas at a time) and one side fits about a half gallon of warm water.  To the water I add a quarter cup of white vinegar and a quarter cup of JR Watkins All Purpose Cleaner which smells like grapefruit and has all-natural ingredients.  I highly recommend both of these products.  That whole thing of vinegar was less than $3, which is much cheaper than other cleaning products and is a natural antibacterial agent, killing up to 90% of germs with a 5% solution according to several University studies. 

3) Don Your Gloves:  I use Dynarex vinyl gloves for poopy diaper changes and they are also perfect for cleaning around the house because they are disposable, small (bulky gloves are a pain!), and comfortable / not hot.  I order these from Amazon.  A box can last me a month.  They are about $10 a box. 
Dynarex Vinyl Gloves 

4) Grab Your Tools.   Get a nice, flat scrub brush.  I prefer the ones without the handle because that, to me, is easier to use on a floor.  Also, if you are cleaning hardwood, you will need to dry as you go, so you'll need to grab several rags for drying as you go.  Just shove them into the dry section of your bucket.  Another handy tool is the Scotch Brite grout tool
My Scrub Brush and a Drying Cloth

5) Start Cleaning!  Dip your brush into the water.  Tap it on the side to get rid of excess water.  Scrub all around you where you can reach comfortably, making sure to get near the baseboards, too.  Because you are using a scrub brush, cleaning is actually easier because it is so much more effective in getting grime off than pressing down with all your energy on a soft mop.  Use your grout tool to get along the moulding, too. Then take your drying cloth and dry the area.  Keep working in a logical sequence (down one side of the room towards the other, from left to right, etc).  I just sit on my tush but you can also grab a towel for your knees or use volleyball pads.  If you have a little one you can clean during naps or even for just 15 minutes at a time while they are busily playing with their finger foods in their high chair. 
Cleaning the Baseboards 

Good luck with your cleaning and post a comment on how you clean your floors! 

Home CEO Maraya

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