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In this webinar, Home CEOs™ Maraya Pearson and Jamie Blevins share their tips and tricks for a stress-free and spirited holiday season.

As the Home CEO™ of your household, you know that the year-end holidays are filled with dinner planning, meal planning, gift planning, guest planning, decorations planning and more!  Make this year your most organized holiday ever so you can enjoy the true meaning of the season.  With a little prep work, you will have your plan of action mapped out in advance, your "troops" will be prepared to help, and most importantly you'll be able to kick back and enjoy some hot cocoa for once!This webinar covers the following topics:

  • *Getting organized for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's
  • *The role of faith during the holidays
  • *Holiday travel*Guests / hospitality 
  • *Getting the house ready - cleaning, decorations and more!
  • *Gift giving*The role of philanthropy / service during the holidays
  • *Managing tasks and avoiding stress during the holidays 
  • *Health during holidays - eating well and exercising 
  • *Helpful forms and resources will be made available to participants 
  • *Q&A

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