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Week 2 of our kindergarten heroes curriculum introduces us to  Amelia Earhart.  Keep scrolling to explore more about this fun week.
Where would you little one go if they could explore like Amelia?  Mine thought a cave would be interesting!
The math worksheets this week all have a fun aviation twist.
One of the focus points of our SEL block this week is sequencing.  What needs to happen first?  What comes next?
Through out the first semester of our kindergarten heroes curriculum, your little ones will see these alphabet worksheets during their language arts block.  These are a fun review and a great way to introduce the keyboard!
I know poetry and tea time is all the rage right now, but I like alliteration so we did poetry and pretzels!
A week spent learning about Amelia Earhart is not complete without a lesson on making a paper airplane!

I hope you enjoyed a look inside of the second week of our kindergarten heroes curriculum.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

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