Free Homeschool [Crescents Theme] Totschool Age 2 Curriculum

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On this page (one of 45 weekly theme packets created for Age 2), you'll find a complete, organized, easy to read and easy to implement homeschool preschool age 2 toddler curriculum to teach with the Crescents theme (Unit 2 Shapes). 

**To see details and pictures of each activity, please order the printable PDF version here. **

Language and Story Time

Book Basket: (search library or use these)

  • One Watermelon Seed, Celia Lottridge
  • Banana, Ed Vere
  • All the Awake Animals Are Almost Asleep Hardcover, Crescent Dragonwagon
  • Oscar E., The Croissant King, Heidi Hume

Song & Group Time

Language Bin

  • Letters sensory tubs – choose the next letters to study.  If all of the item vocabulary is known, start extending it by doing memory games with the objects hidden or by taking one away. 
  • Tracing letters in the sand (or cornmeal or salt) 
  • Vocabulary or A-Z flashcards (suggested printables available in the PDF version).


  • Sensorial Bin 1:  Cooked spaghetti sensorial activity (due to the nature of this activity, only make it when ready) (details available in the PDF version)
  • Sensorial Bin 2: Introduce the rough and smooth boards or any other Montessori sensorial material
  • Theme Shelf: Assemble a new toy selection by rotating toys. 
  • Sensory Tub: N/A


Practical Life


Gross Motor

  • Ball Toss Activity: What shape did it land on?


Select 3-4 activities "out and about" each week.
Kiddie gym
Other: __________
Other: __________

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