Food Made Fast: Weeknight

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This weeknight, fast-prep cookbook will not disappoint. Home CEO Maraya has made over ten of the book's main course recipes and highly recommends it for anyone who wants to treat herself and her family to something delicious yet quick. This cook book does uses a lot of fresh herbs and ingredients, so you can expect some chopping time, but it is well worth it! In a pinch, you can always substitute dry herbs. The Mustard Pork Chops, Cuban Beef Piccadillo and Steaks with Herb Butter Sauce are excellent. The wonderfully sweet roasted flavor of the peppers cooked with the Balsamic Chicken is a feast for the palate. The book also includes suggestions for several "make ahead" recipes and how to incorporate left overs from these meals into delicious second meals. Price varies from $3.48 for gently used and up for new books.

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