Free Homeschool Preschool Curriculum (Black Theme)

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In this lesson plan (one of 45 weekly themed lesson plans I created for my daughter Lexi), you'll find a complete, organized, easy to read and easy to implement homeschool preschool ages 2-4 (24-48 months) teaching with the theme: BLACK.

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Suggested Materials (Find, Make, Buy or Substitute)

  • Bulletin board and cutouts (see below)
  • Books for the week
  • Coloring pages for the week
  • Letter Sounds Tubs (optional but a very nice to have)
  • Insect figurines (for example, this insect toob)
  • Black sky playdoh - black playdoh, white or yellow playdoh for stars and other random embellishments like star shape cutter (optional), glitter, random shiny stones (supervision required), etc.
  • Black starry night craft: Black construction paper, glitter, cutout stars, glitter, glue
  • Assorted black toys and figurines from around the house, Darth Tater, toy insects, etc.

Suggested Cutouts

(Make these cutouts for your weekly themed “bulletin board” and other setups for the week. You’ll use these visual aids throughout the week. Find these on the web, print & laminate them and then store these for the future when making your bulletin boards for future weeks. You'll be surprised how often you can reuse them! I absolutely love my little "cutout library". I'll have to do a post as soon as possible on how I put together my themed "bulletin board", which is actually a magnetic standing white board, each week).
  • Spider (you'll reuse this for cute-style Halloween boards later)
  • Black crayon
  • Black cat
  • Top hat
  • Fly
  • Black bear
  • Black and white cow (you'll reuse this one time and again for the cow theme later this year and farm themes in the future)
  • Penguin (you'll reuse this later for a winter theme).
  • Etc.

Circle Time Sequence

  • One song or fingerplay to quiet / focus the little one(s)
  • What is today? (date, weather labels) (For age two this is rather quick as they don't really understand this yet but still nice for routine's sake)
  • Today's message
  • Review one or two letters (usually using the letter tubs, a sandpaper letter, flashcard or similar)
  • Review one number (count to it)
  • Songs - a few for fun
  • Story time - using the week's theme selections

Daily Messages

  • [Bats, panda bears, cats, flies etc ] are black.

Language & Story Time

Book Basket (search library or use these)

  • Blackout, John Rocco
  • The House in the Night, Susan Marie Swanson
  • Gone Wild, David McLimons
  • How the Zebra Got Its Stripes, Justine Fontes
  • Little Zebra Finger Puppet Book, Imagebooks
  • Mr Wuffles, David Weisner
  • Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See, Bill Martin
  • There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly, Simms Taback
  • The Spider and the Fly, Mary Howitt

Song Time & Group Time

  • The Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Shoo Fly

Language Bin


  • Sensorial Bin 1: Insect toob.
  • Sensorial Bin 2: Black space-themed play-doh activities. Example here.

Theme Shelf

  • Black toys, rotated in. Darth “Tater” Mr. Potato Head w/ Darth Vader accessories fun.


Practical Life

  • Practical Life Bin: Introduce new dressing frame.
  • Cooking: Try an oreos, piece of licorice or black beans


  • Math Bin: Black spider leg counting activity - awesome easy activity here.


  • Any outdoor activity, park, etc.
  • Library
  • Museum
  • Zoo
  • Park
  • Playdate
  • Other: __________
  • Other: __________

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UNIT 1 - Colors

UNIT 2 - Shapes

  • Circles
  • Squares
  • Triangles - coming soon!
  • Rectangles - coming soon!
  • Ovals - coming soon!
  • Diamonds - coming soon!
  • Stars - coming soon!
  • Crescents - coming soon!
  • Hearts - coming soon!

UNIT 3 - Animals

  • Dogs - coming soon!
  • Cats - coming soon!
  • Birds - coming soon!
  • Fish - coming soon!
  • Bunnies - coming soon!
  • Cows - coming soon!
  • Chickens - coming soon!
  • Horses - coming soon!
  • Pigs - coming soon!

UNIT 4 - All About Me

  • Eyes - coming soon!
  • Nose - coming soon!
  • Ears - coming soon!
  • Mouth - coming soon!
  • Legs & Feet - coming soon!
  • Fingers & Hands - coming soon!
  • Meal Time - coming soon!
  • My Family - coming soon!
  • Bath Time (and Hand Washing) - coming soon!

UNIT 5 - Seasonal (intersperse throughout your calendar year)

  • Penguins (January) - coming soon!
  • Friends (February) - coming soon!
  • Flowers (March) - coming soon!
  • Easter Eggs (April) - coming soon!
  • Beach (June, July or August) - coming soon!
  • Harvest (September) - coming soon!
  • Pumpkins (October) - coming soon!
  • Turkeys (November) - coming soon!
  • Santa / Christmas Theme (December) - coming soon!

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