2 Tips for Setting Up Your Preschool Homeschool

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Hello homeschoolers!  Here is Part 3 of my How I Homeschool My Toddler series.  Here I’m going to explain exactly a few things I did initially to get the classroom finely organized so that it is a breeze to update my child's shelves each week. 


 If you want to make your weekly setups a breeze and avoid struggle, you’ll have to make an investment in time and effort to really organize your playroom in advance.  Slowly collect plenty of shelves and bins and containers.  Repurpose items from around your house.  Half of my shelves I already had - I simply painted everything the same color to give it a more uniform look.  And before I saved up to upgrade to my plastic bins (they are an investment) I simply wrapped plain white and silver wrapping paper around my Huggies diaper boxes and added pretty labels. Once you have your shelves and bins collected into the room or area that will be your homeschool, start categorizing your materials and labeling your bins.  Again - don’t expect that to be overnight!  Just do a little at a time day by day.  Be as simple or detailed with your labeling as you want.  A label can be made with a simple large permanent marker or a simple printout (search the web for “editable labels” and you’l find a plethora of pretty labels that you can customize on your computer, print out and affix to your bins).  For kids, it’s always ideal to have picture labels (for example, the “Legos” label has also a picture of labels on it).  Feel free to use my free picture labels at my TPT store.   


 Visual aids are a great teaching tool.  When you don’t have a 3D representation of an object (like horse to show your little one what a horse is), the cheap and easy solution is to make colorful printouts from your computer!   you’ll have a list of recommended cutouts to make.  Take that list and then just do a simple web search for related pictures, print them on cardstock (use white or colored cardstock, whichever you prefer) and laminate them.  Since you are using them for home purposes (noncommercial) there is no copyright concern for your homeschool use.  

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