Home CEO™'s mission is to inspire joy, enthusiasm and a healthy, balanced approach to the art and science of home-keeping.  It is in our homes that can impact lives for good, demonstrate love for others, grow personally, discover our talents, sharpen our minds, soften our hearts and respond to our full potential.


(Introducing) The Home CEO's Guide to Life

Rediscover the joy and impact of making your home a priority!

  • Increase your confidence and achieve all-encompassing home and life organization.
  • Understand the purpose and plan for nurturing your home life.
  • Learn the Six Step Organizing Roadmap to organize practically anything.
  • Overcome obstacles and experience joy in spite of hectic schedules.
  • Improve your relationships with friends and family.
  • Start fresh everyday, with a new perspective and positive outlook.
  • Get your financial house in order and prioritize effectively.
  • Practical tips, helpful resources and more!

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How I Homeschool - Part 2, Classroom Setup

Hello homeschoolers!  Here is Part 2 of my How I Homeschool My Toddler series.  Here I'm going to explain exactly how I set up my homeschool so that I can "rotate" activities and toys weekly.  First, I’ll discuss the system of “permanent” an...

Calling all smart, sensible and practical women!  This book is amazing to read! One of the things that I should point out is that it contains experiences and advice from Successful women in their field and even from simple working mother! I find this book a good read and I do appreciate how the Author put together the topic from home finances to exercise in a sophisticated style. - Elana, August 25, 2012

- Amazon Book Review

eBook - The Home CEOs Guide to Life

Download available to Inner Circle members. The Home CEO's Guide to Life - a 2012 Living Now Book Awards Silver Medalist - is now available in a digital edition! Click the below link to download this inspirational eBook that will change your life and...