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Easy Homeschool Preschool Toddler Curriculum

I'm a homeschooling mom and I'm putting together my homeschool curriculum in PDF form for other moms to use. I have a set of theme posters that cover the 45 themes we are doing this year (2014-2015) and my first set of lesson plans for the first u...

Congratulations Maraya and Jamie! I have read the e-book and must say this TRULY is an inspirational "roadmap" to a healthy, happy, and successful self and family! (The Home CEO's Guide to Life book review, June 1. 2012).

- Lynn, Statesville NC

eBook - The Home CEOs Guide to Life

Download available to Inner Circle members. The Home CEO's Guide to Life - a 2012 Living Now Book Awards Silver Medalist - is now available in a digital edition! Click the below link to download this inspirational eBook that will change your life and...