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Easy Homeschool Preschool Toddler Curriculum

I'm a homeschooling mom and I'm putting together my homeschool curriculum in PDF form for other moms to use. I have a set of theme posters that cover the 45 themes we are doing this year (2014-2015) and my first set of lesson plans for the first u...

Harmony, Health and Happiness?! More Please! As women who juggle and nurture and mentor and love, how do we do it all and keep smiling and praising and enjoying life? Read this book to find some great simple ideas and down-to-earth advice. ( Reader Book Review - The Home CEO's Guide to Life, May 25, 2012)

- Zia, Amazon Book Reader Review

A Years Worth Of Preschool Themes

Organize an entire year of preschool. List of 45 themes to use daily or weekly. Printable posters for each unit. See also my additional planning sheets for each individual theme. ...